Frequently Asked Questions

How many terms are there?
  • There are two workshop terms a year, Spring and Autumn.
  • We publish the dates of each new term on our website. Terms usually run from February/March – May/June and September – December.
  • Each term ends with a Concert Performance.
How many workshops are there per term?

There are usually 16 workshop dates within 13 weeks.

Do I need to bring anything?
  • Singing is thirsty work! We have a very limited amount of water available at £1, however we would advise you to bring your own reusable water bottle.
  • We offer complimentary hot drinks, but a travel cup/coffee cup/mug is required as we do not offer cups.
  • A recording device is strongly recommended; many smart phones have a free recording app.
  • We recommend that loose/comfortable clothing is worn as there may be some light movement involved.
Where are the workshops held?

Address: Cottesmore School The Upper Drive, Hove, BN3 6NB

Is there parking available?

There is free parking available at Cottesmore School, however please do not park on the green directly in front of Cottesmore’s main entrance. Car owners, motorcyclists and cyclists park at their own risk. BGG and Cottesmore School do not accept any liability for any damage, accidents or losses. Please take care.

How long is a workshop?

Each workshop lasts an hour and a half, however staging and dress rehearsals run from 6.45pm to 9.45pm.

What's the cost?

Please click on our Sign Up Page for further details. You will be required to purchase a BGG T-Shirt (£6), additional to the cost of membership, to wear when performing in any BGG performance. We will have samples for you to try on, pay for and order during the workshop term.

Will I be picked out to sing solo?

No, we are very aware that singing can make a person feel vulnerable. Our tutors and team have been working with choir members for many years, they fully understand and are sensitive towards each and every choir member, however if you’d like to try for a solo, you are more than welcome. No pressure, just enjoyment in a safe and supportive environment.

What if I can’t sing?

You will be able to sing. We believe ‘everyone has a voice’ and everyone has the right to discover it. BGG is a journey, step by step, have faith, relax and most important of all – ENJOY!

Where are the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions are available here.

Registering and Choir Area

What are the requirements for registering using the online form?

There are only password requirements, the following is what we recommend the following:

  1. Email Address – Use an email address that is your main one, as this is our main contact to you. You will need this to login.
  2. Telephone – Use a number that we will be able to get hold of you.
  3. Password – Requirements:
    1. Minimum of 6 Characters (Numbers, Letters and Symbols)
    2. At least one Upper Case letter
    3. At least one Number.
    4. A Password that only you will know and remember.
    5. Not to use any passwords along the lines of: Password, password123 or any variations.
How do I login? What details do I need?
  1. In order to login to the ‘Choir Area’, click on the ‘Choir Area’ in the website’s menu.
  2. Use your registered Email Address and Password.
  3. Once you are logged in you will go directly to the main page – ‘Choir Home’.
  4. From here, you will be able to access the resources we have made available.

“The chance I have been given, to come together and connect in the most vulnerable way with the most amazing people and make an amazing sound, fills me up in a way I never knew would be possible!”

Charlotte, Hove