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An important and special message from the BGG Committee.

Dear Friend of BGG,

We very much hope this message finds you well.

With our forthcoming 20th Anniversary Celebratory Term and end of term/year concert at the Brighton Dome, Saturday 5th December fast approaching, we wanted to write to you, in advance, with a ‘heads up’ regarding BGG’s future.

We have been working very hard, for many years with all the planning and preparation for our 20th Anniversary so we’re very excited about all the surprises and treats we have in store for both our choir members and audience.

As a committee we have decided that after our grandest ever concert/production at the Brighton Dome, we will be taking a much-needed break.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly; many lengthy discussions and meetings have been taking place for some time. Our Choir and Musical Directors’ Daniel and Jason are also in agreement that the 2020 concert is an appropriate and fitting time to take a break, for the foreseeable future.

We understand that this may be very disappointing news, however we hope that you understand we are a tiny team of just four volunteers, responsible for an ever-growing, demanding role.

We have with great passion, devotion and dedication over many years worked hard for BGG to be the much loved, sought-after, and successful choir it is today.

Although it has been an absolute privilege, joy and rewarding honour to run and manage BGG, it is also not without an abundance of seen and unforeseen challenges!

This is therefore your last opportunity to sign up, give your all, and receive nothing but the best.

We have planned the most inspiring, thrilling ‘more than just singing’ community journey and hope that you can join us!

With best wishes
BGG Committee


L-R: Sara, Lou, Tess and Jan