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With A Little Help From My Friends’
is Out Now!

It is with great pride and honour that we announce the first ever recording project of Brighton Goes Gospel, ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’.

This track (written by rock legends Paul McCartney and the late John Lennon), reflects the heart of BGG; the friendships, love and community! It also recognises how we as a society have made it this far – despite all the challenges, this year especially has thrown at us.

Reminiscent to its origins, ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ has a familiar essence whilst presenting the BGG choir’s passionate gospel vocals. Gospel overtones can also be heard throughout the music and vocals. These vocals and music play homage to the numerous gifted UK gospel artists that BGG has had the privilege of sharing the stage with. One of the beautiful and unique aspects of this song is that every single guest vocalist and musician has played an important part in the choir’s 20-year journey.  Because of their support and love, it therefore felt only appropriate to share this exciting opportunity with them!

On the track ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’, we are honoured to feature the vocals of:

Paul Lee
Wayne Hernandez
Sharlene Hector
Nathaniel Morrison
Michelle John
LaSharVu featuring Ladonna Young, Sharlene Hector & Vula
Phebe Edwards

And for your enjoyment (and our indulgence) we created an additional, foot-stomping, hand clapping reprise!!
This reprise was penned and arranged by BGG’s revered and respected Choir Director, Daniel Thomas and also features the renowned raging gospel vocals of Ms Annette Bowen.

Produced by Gareth Fuller, whose musical credits include Sting, Eric Clapton, Damage, and others, he brings such vibrance and energy to the blend of a renowned pop song with a refreshing, uplifting, soulful, gospel and community vibe. The music features much loved faces who have played for BGG including the JT Band lead by our inimitable Musical Director, Jason Thompson. The track also features the musicianship of the world-renowned Ken Burton, who created the strings arrangements, the awesomeness of Blackjack Horns and many others.

And so, in the midst of all of this 2020 turbulence, download the track, pump the volume to MAX
and go gospel with a little help from your friends… BGG!